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How an All-in-One Medical Office Specialist Program Prepares You for Career Success


If you’re interested in entering the allied health field, it’s important to be aware of the benefits of a comprehensive training program in preparing you for a career. There are a wide range of career paths within the Medical Office Specialist discipline, including Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy or EKG Technician, Information Clerk and more. In order to succeed in these roles, professionals must possess key administrative, technical and interpersonal skills as well as medical and therapeutic knowledge. With the right training program, not only will you develop the skillset and knowledge necessary to enter this field, but you’ll also be equipped with career-specific preparation, helping you identify and apply for job opportunities.

At the Manhattan School of Computer Technology (MSCT), our Medical Office Specialist and Medical Office Specialist Online/Hybrid programs prepare students to successfully enter a number of different careers in the allied healthcare field. Below, discover more about how our programs can help you achieve your goals and land a job.

Build Practical, Transferable Skills

The MSCT’s Medical Office Specialist program is designed to equip students with the skills and experience that they’ll use on the job. Taught by expert instructors, the program is industry-relevant, preparing students to easily transition into a role in a variety of healthcare settings. During the program, students will take courses related to medical terminology, client relations, medical billing and more, building knowledge they can apply directly to their future roles. 

In addition, the MSCT offers a variety of workshops and activities to help students build teamwork skills, confidence, communication skills and more, all of which translate to enhanced performance within a medical office environment. Upon completion of the program, students are also qualified to take and pass on-site certification exams in areas including: EKG, Phlebotomy, Medical Billing & Coding, and Medical Assistant. With these applicable real-world skills and industry certifications, graduates will be prepared to succeed in their chosen career path.

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During a Medical Office Specialist program, you’ll build practical skills in allied healthcare

In Our Medical Office Specialist Program, Receive Individualized Support

Each student has their own unique set of needs, and at the MSCT, a number of different forms of individualized support are available to those training for a career in allied healthcare. For those who aren’t able to attend class in person every day, due to personal commitments or scheduling conflicts, a Medical Office Specialist Online/Hybrid program is available. By participating in this program, students are offered some flexibility, completing part of the program online and part of it in class. What’s more, the MSCT gives students access to one-on-one tutoring sessions, helping them improve their academic skills and complete the program successfully. With services designed to support students in fulfilling their requirements and comprehending the program material, graduates are equipped with the preparation and knowledge required for Medical Office Specialist careers.

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Individualized support helps students prepare for allied healthcare careers

Gain Access to Career Placement Services

The job search process can be overwhelming, but with the right level of support, our students are able to enhance their employability. At the Manhattan School of Computer Technology, our extensive Career Placement services set us apart, with a number of different workshops and facilities available to support students in landing a job. Students who participate in the Employment Preparation and Job Search Program are able to access a number of different helpful resources, including access to laboratory facilities outside of regular hours, interview preparation techniques, support with resume building, cover letters, application forms and more. With this level of support, students can enhance their career prospects while they complete their Medical Office Specialist training, helping them secure a job in the field. If you’re ready to improve your career prospects with a comprehensive training program, studying at the MSCT could be right for you.

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