Student Services at MSCT

Student Services:

  • Developing positive relationships with peers, teachers, and families.
  • Improving various social skills.
  • Resolving personal concerns, crises, and any other issue that interferes with learning.
  • Planning and implementing a variety of programs and activities to enhance the personal, social and emotional development of students.
  • Serving as the Liaison for teachers, and students.
  • Providing resources and information to students.

Student Activities

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Make Up Policy

In supporting student retention, MANHATTAN SCHOOL of COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY has a make-up policy that permits a student who has been absent due to extenuating circumstances to make up any hours missed in excess of the school’s allowable absence policy. There are no additional charges for make-up hours. Any student whose attendance is deficient because of problems beyond the student’s control may apply through the Education Office for the School Director’s permission to
do make-up hours for missed work.

If a student misses a number of class hours in a specific subject area he/she must make up the missing lessons. The student must make an appointment with the teacher of the missed classes. The attendance will be taken in the same manner as on a regular school day. Students must complete all of the assignment given during this time. The student’s attendance during the makeup time will be logged in on an attendance register and a copy of that register will be placed in the student’s file.

Although the school has a 15% allowable absent policy, students who are Title IV aid recipients, have 10% of the allowable absent policy.