Career Placement at MSCT

Career Placement

The school’s Employment Preparation and Job Search Program coordinated by the Placement Office is designed to offer students assistance and reinforcement in preparing for employment and to give graduates support in developing successful job search strategies to locate and secure the jobs they want. The program is not intended to substitute for the responsibility of students and graduates to actively seek employment. While assistance is available, MANHATTAN SCHOOL does not promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.

To be successfully employed in today’s computer-oriented business environments requires thorough and ongoing preparation. At enrollment, applicants sign the Placement Services Agreement to request or waive participation in the Employment Preparation and Job Search Program. From the first week of study until after graduation, each student who elects to participate in the Employment Preparation and Job Search Program has access to the following resources to support their preparation for employment.

Michael Rabinovich

Placement Coordinator

email: [email protected]
phone: (718) 360-1534 ext 109

As the placement coordinator of Manhattan School of Computer Technology is my goal to place students in the right clinics for their 375 internship, as well to help them with Full and part time Job Placement Assistance, Career Counseling, Resume preparation and Review, Portfolio Review, Job Fairs, Career Related Workshops and Events, Resume Faxing Services and Real Life Simulated Mock Interview. It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, and intelligent leader who will make a positive contribution within the arena of public service. Through my own personal continued learning, as well as my ability to help the knowledge base of others grow, I welcome the opportunity to enhance my service in a new way.

Extended Laboratory Use with Technical Support

Laboratory facilities are available outside of scheduled hours and at no additional cost to current students and graduates. The facilities give students extensive opportunity to increase their skill and confidence level. Technical support personnel, who are skilled in the use of hardware and software applications, are available to assist students with any questions or problems during this free time.

Students who use the extended lab time to their advantage are often the first to be successfully employed.

Interviewing Techniques

Effective interviewing skills are essential to the job search. Practice in this area is particularly important for students with limited English proficiency. To give students ample interview experience during their program of study, audiotapes of commonly asked interview questions with model acceptable responses are available through the Library/Resource Center. Students are encouraged to use the audio facilities and scheduled mock interview sessions to practice and polish their own interview techniques.

Throughout the program of study, the school provides students with a checklist of performance competencies to achieve during computer-oriented courses. Students are also encouraged to maintain portfolio items, from each course, such as completed business projects to share with job interviewers.

At the end of the program of study, graduates are provided with the opportunity to participate in simulated job interviews, to determine “real world” interview readiness. After passing the school’s interview, a graduate qualifies for referral through the school’s Placement Office to appropriate job openings.


The school may extend, as a courtesy, to its graduates who are working with the Placement Coordinator in employment preparation permission audit classes and/or use of the lab facilities. The school recognizes that this is another way of assisting graduates. A graduate who wants to audit a course or part of a course from his or her program of study should apply to the Education Office. If space is available, the Education Office will grant the graduate an audit pass for entry to a specific class.

Students who drop out, or are dismissed, or do not meet graduation requirements, are not permitted the privilege of auditing or using lab resources after the last day of attendance.

Job Search

The Placement Office services are available to students and graduates by appointment for ongoing advice, direction, and support with employment preparation and the job search.

To allow adequate preparation time, it is strongly recommended that about three months before the projected program end date, participating students begin working with the Placement Office. The Placement Office provides samples of resumes, cover letters, employment application forms, and lists of potential job sources by career field. One month before the program end date, participating students may arrange to word process their resumes, outside of scheduled class hours, in the microcomputer center. After all corrections are made, students may submit the completed resume on disk to the Placement Office for laser printing.

Following the program end date, graduates who have fulfilled all financial obligations to the school, who have passed the school’s simulated interview, and who are actively searching for employment, may continue to work with the Placement Office according to the terms of the Placement Services Agreement until they are employed.

With the school’s commitment to offering only programs which provide job skills that are in high demand, employment opportunities are excellent for motivated graduates who conduct an active, determined job search.

Job Search Outcome

Each year, the school is required to provide statistical information to regulatory agencies regarding enrollment and the job search outcome for all graduates. Therefore, it is an enrollment condition that each graduate provides the school with evidence of the outcome of his/her job search, whether or not the graduate used the Placement Office services.

By signing the Enrollment Agreement, the student agrees to inform the school of the name, address, telephone number, and the identity of the appropriate contact person at his or her first employer following completion of the course. The student also authorizes the school to contact the employer to verify employment and to obtain such additional information concerning the employment as is necessary for the school’s placement records. Manhattan School of Computer Technology for New Americans keeps students’ employment information confidential. The information is used only for the purpose of compiling and supporting placement information, as required by law or regulation, and for compiling and supporting placement statistics that are to be used in the school catalog or in advertising or promotional material concerning the school.