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How To Demonstrate Your Skills Effectively In Interviews After Healthcare Training


For most people who have just rounded off their healthcare training programs, the next step in their career path is finding a job. Landing an interview is a good step in the right direction, and a good showing during the interview can give you a nice shot at getting the job itself. This is why you must show your prospective employers how your skills can suit the role being offered (during the interview), and that you can deploy them in the required capacity. So if you find yourself at this stage in your healthcare career trajectory, we’ve outlined a few tips you can take to showcase your skills during interviews. 

Recall Relevant Stories from Healthcare Training and Previous Experience

Your employer wants to be sure that you are the right fit for the job being offered, so you must be sure to convince them you are. To play this part well, draw from your work history and recall specific events when you deployed skills relevant to the job to solve certain problems.

A budding healthcare professional making a presentation during healthcare training
Recalling experiences from healthcare training can help convince interviewers that you’re the right fit for the job.

You may recall stories from your healthcare training or any prior work experiences that show you are capable of quick thinking, improvising, or being very thorough. For example, tell the interviewer about that time in your training practice when your treatment plan helped improve a patient’s rapidly worsening condition. Share stories where your skills were put to good use and your prospective employer can find value in your experiences and deem you a good fit. 

Showcase Your Strength of Research on the Employer and the job

One surefire way to ace your interview is to show your interviewer how much knowledge of their organization you have. Before showing up to the interview, carry out relevant research on the organization’s background, values, missions, current challenges, and strategic plan. 

Also, research what responsibilities the role entails and what soft and hard skills are needed to function properly at it. So when speaking with the interviewer, let your depth of research resonate with them. Show them that your goals align perfectly with the company’s and that you can fill any existing gaps and provide value in roles that are relevant to your experience and for which your skills are well adapted.  

Showcase a Suitable Personality

The type of personality you showcase can give you a good or bad case during your interview. You’ll be best served by presenting a calm, agreeable, and enthusiastic demeanour during the interview. Most healthcare careers thrive off these personality traits, and they positively influence the work you do, and your relationship with colleagues and patients.

A healthcare professional interacting with a budding healthcare professional after healthcare training
As you’ll discover in healthcare school, displaying your passion for the job during interviews can count as a big plus in your favour.

Your employer wants to be sure that you care about the job and the patients you’ll encounter while working. So you must display your passion for the job and show a humane side of you that’ll be in touch with patients. Also, show that you can listen and take instructions at work and that you can slot seamlessly into new surroundings. 

Make the most of your skills, knowledge, and experience 

If you feel like you don’t have sufficient work experience in the role you’re applying for, find ways to make do with what you have. Use other work experience you may have, personal experiences, hobbies, even if you may have only held the position for a short time it may influence an interviewer’s decision. You can show the interviewer that the skills and knowledge you gained at the healthcare school can be transferred to a proper work setting. 

Show that the experience you gathered from it has found application in real-world scenarios and that you’re perfectly poised to deploy this experience as needed. Highlight all transferable skills from your previous work experience, and show that they’ll come in handy in your new surroundings. 

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