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How To Succeed During Your Medical Office Specialist Career Placement


The Manhattan School Of Computer Technology strives to prepare students for real-world work through practical, hands-on experience. Those seeking a successful Medical Office Specialist career need to master various skills to succeed in this multi-faceted, fast-paced position. 

Our placement coordinator organizes internships for each student where they can explore their career options, make industry connections, hone their skills, and get accustomed to the life of a Medical Office Specialist.

How students approach their internship contributes significantly to their academic and professional success. Keep reading for some tips for success in your internship, and learn how the MSCT provides career support for our students.

Practice Your Networking After Medical Office Specialist Training

Medical Office Specialists must be comfortable interacting with others, including both colleagues and patients. Your ability to connect with others will help you open doors in your career. Solid professional connections and networking skills can lead to competitive job opportunities and help your performance in any role you secure after graduation. 

During your internship, networking won’t only help you to land your first position, but it will also present the perfect avenue for exchanging ideas, increasing confidence, and improving social well-being. There are many ways to flex your networking muscle while you complete your internship. These include:

  • Invite a high-performing colleague to lunch to discuss work casually 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask career-related questions 
  • Ask about networking events 
  • Offer your help when appropriate
Students pursuing medical office specialist career at a networking event
Take the initiative to network during your medical office specialist career placement.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Throughout your career as a Medical Office Specialist, you will learn a broad range of skills. Our rigorous training program educates students on the latest standards of Medical Office technology and provides several avenues for them to perfect their competencies. With that being said, your internship will be the most intensive career preparation, and there’s bound to be a learning curve. 

Though you should put forth your best effort, you shouldn’t be afraid to fail as you practice all the skills you’ve learned in classes. Try to approach each mistake as a learning opportunity, and don’t forget to ask questions as they come up to develop good work habits early on.

A student pursuing a medical office assistant career raises her hand asking for help
Remember to ask for help when you make mistakes during your medical office specialist career.

Take Advantage of the Support Your Receive in Medical Office Specialist Training

We offer plenty of career support. In Medical Office Specialist training, provided online and in-person, our expert instructors impart industry knowledge on what today’s employers are looking for. 

Our placement coordinator tailors each career placement to each student, striving to find the perfect clinic for their professional goals. In addition, job placement assistance, career counseling, resume preparation and review, portfolio review, job fairs, career-related workshops, events, resume falling services, and simulated interview practice are some of the other supports we have in place for our students’ career success. Our unwavering support makes our students confident in their industry-specific competencies and employment skills. 

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