A male EKG technician working in the background after medical office specialist training

Is an EKG Tech A Good Career? Here’s Why The Answer Is Yes!


If you’re exploring a career in the healthcare industry and are fascinated by the human heart’s functioning, becoming an EKG Technician might be your ideal path. EKG or electrocardiograph technicians are crucial in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases. In addition to offering a stable and professionally rewarding career, an EKG Tech role also offers the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of helping people and potentially saving lives.

This blog post explores why this career is a rewarding and intelligent choice, especially if you’re considering the Medical Office Specialist Program at MSCT.

Quick Entry Into the Medical Field

The relatively short training period is one of the most appealing reasons to become an EKG technician. Unlike other medical professions requiring years of schooling, you can complete the Medical Office Specialist Program at MSCT within 60 weeks as a full-time student. Beyond equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge and allowing you to start your EKG career with confidence sooner, our program prepares you to ace certification exams in your chosen field. For added convenience, certification exams are offered on-site.

A female EKG technician working in a hospital after medical office specialist training
Completing medical office specialist training qualifies you for an EKG technician role.

EKGs are In Demand

The healthcare sector is rapidly expanding, and with it, the demand for skilled EKG technicians: an aging population and a heightened focus on heart health fuel this growth. By becoming an EKG tech, you’re stepping into a field that offers job security and growth opportunities. Job Bank Canada projects a steady growth in these roles over the next decade, making it a stable and secure career choice.

Beyond this, EKG technicians can work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, and diagnostic laboratories. This variety ensures that you can find an environment that suits your preferences, whether it’s the fast-paced atmosphere of a hospital or the more relaxed private clinic setting.

A Medical Office Specialist Diploma Provides a Rewarding Career

On a practical note, is EKG tech a good career? EKG technicians enjoy competitive salaries and benefits. According to industry statistics, the median salary for EKG techs is quite attractive, and with experience, you can expect this number to rise. Many healthcare facilities offer comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. On a more personal level, working as an EKG technician is incredibly rewarding. You are directly involved in patient care, helping diagnose and monitor heart conditions. Your role is crucial in saving lives and improving patient outcomes. Knowing that your skills and expertise contribute significantly to patients’ health is immensely gratifying.

An EKG technician operating an ECG machine after completing their medical office specialist diploma
Make positive contributions to people’s health after your medical office specialist training.

MSCT’s Medical Office Specialist Diploma Can Be Your Launching Pad

The Medical Office Specialist Training program at the Manhattan School of Computer Technology (MSCT) is an excellent pathway for those aspiring to become EKG Technicians. This program stands out due to its comprehensive approach, combining hands-on training with practical experience, all under the guidance of experienced medical professionals. By exposing students to real-world situations, we ensure they learn skills that employers in the healthcare industry value highly. Our curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of relevant topics, including crucial aspects of EKG technology.

The program prepares students for a range of professions in the healthcare business, including that of an EKG technician, by emphasizing industry-relevant education. Graduates of this program can expect to be well-prepared and confident, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into various healthcare settings such as physician’s offices, clinics, and other medical environments. This comprehensive training guarantees that students are technically competent, flexible, and equipped to tackle the demands of a changing healthcare sector.

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